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liz munro

42 years old from Australia

Inspired by John Williamson - the man
who sang true blue at Steve Irwin's [ Croc Hunter] funeral.

When it is complete I hope that John Williamson
will put it to music and we can release it
to raise money for Wildlife Warriors - Bindi Irwin's wild

Open your eyes, ears and hearts [song in progress 4 the Croc Hunter's memory]


Not caring for those without a voice
Reptile, bird and mammal refugees,
Our pleasure's their sentence of death
Now that we've cleared all the trees.


Indifference compounding all their pain
Pollution poisoning both the air and ground,
Remove the blinkers, driven by financial gain
WAKE UP to what's happening to the world around.


Can't believe the selfish greed of man
causing the destruction of our great land
Open your eyes, open your hearts,
Mother Nature needs our help, her spirit's crying,
help STOP! the unnecessary, our wildlife is dying
Open your ears, open your hearts.


Poetry By liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written 2006-11-30 00:39

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Amanda K
you are sending a strong message that i wish that world would hear. humans are no more aware of corruption and destruction they cause . i even mentioned that in my poem " death is only the ocassion" .it's so sad and unfair that ending the lives of other humanbeings became just a matter of business or hobby.God does bless us with nature, animals and many bounties when most humans do is destroying.


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