Why should these things be a problem?


Smoking- It's proven to cause lung cancer and also second hand smoke can kill the ones you love...so why do it? If you want to screw yourself over and die of lung cancer go ahead and smoke, but don't condemn those who try to help you to the fate you want for yourself. If you wanted to argue and say that it helps you to relieve stress, there are plenty of alternatives. Like me, when I am stressed i go to the gym and lift weights. It helps me to forget what has happened that day, and any anger or pain i've felt i can take out on the machines, physical exertion is not always a bad thing. Or if you are too lazy to go to the gym, right your problems down, and then take the paper and rip it up, (i would've said burn it except some people might have taken that as a cue to light up) this can also help. If you are addicted, there are plenty of patches or gums or w/e that can help you stop. There are programs to join that help you through that time and so on and so forth....But it is of dire importance that you smokers stop, because by smoking on the street or in restaraunts you condemn my generation, to the same lung cancer you caused yourself. Kids my age are dying right now because of you.

Alcohol- While not quite as bad as smoking, it's still deadly if you drink enough. Alcoholics can be far more deadly then any cigarette, drinking while driving can kill scores of people, and all of that so you could have your extra drink? why? get a soda! Enough alcohol can cause liver failure and eventually kidney failure. Your choice concerning alcohol can save or kill an entire family returning home from an alcohol and tobacco free family vacation.

Words by Painful Profits
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Written on 2006-05-08 at 02:58

Tags Pressure  Alcohol  Tobacco 

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liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!

it really makes you think -
i can't stand smoking myself &
alcohol makes me sleeppie.

WELL DONE with this.