God i love her.
buy she says she loves me as a friend.
is that a beginning
or will i always be a friend
i need to know.

i'll wait(love)

I've done everything I can
I wrote for you
I cried for you
Sometimes even smiled for you.

I made dreams
Just for you and me.
I gave up everything
Everything that was bad.

I gave you so much love
Gave you everything I had.
I just wanted you to love me.
That is all I asked.

You're the only one I love
No other will take your place.
Yet for you I'm just a friend
Just a good friend.

Have you any idea
How painfull it is.
Its like living with your parents.
Yet they never called you their son.

I'm waiting for you.
Do you even want me to.
I don't know.
All I can do is wait.
And wait.
It hurts so bad
But for you,
I'll wait.

Poetry by Hamzah Khan
Read 1239 times
Written on 2006-05-10 at 22:46

Tags Love  Wait  Friend 

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Amanda K
A nice poem but i tell you wut don push it . You can't force any one to love you and to be that into you. :D

good luck,
Amanda K