a book explains it all.
when you love someone
tell her that you love her.
open your self to her
BUT never open it all.
keep somethings away.
its a fact.
keep your respect.
give yourself importance too.
because once there is nothing left to read i

Which book am i ? (Love)

Which book am I?
am I the one
Which opened itself.
Turned the pages
Said every word.

I told you everything.

Everything I felt
I wrote
I told.

You read
You heard
Did you feel it?

Or am I just a book for you now
That you once read
And threw it away.

Which book am I?
The one that has so much dust.
You can't even see my tears.
My face.
Do you even know my name?

Or you just don't want to dirty your hands.
Or even blow a breath
To wipe away the dust.

My love
Do you even know I'm there?

All I want
Is a touch of you finger
On my words

All I want
Is your lips to wisper my name.

My love
My words are being washed away by my tears.

Come my love.
Come to me
I write these words for you.
Come to me
Before I am no more.

Poetry by Hamzah Khan
Read 1117 times
Written on 2006-04-22 at 16:06

Tags Love  Book  Anam 

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Zoya Zaidi
Hi, Hamza,
what a heartfelt piece of work.
Well expressed, well thought out.
I like the metaphor of the book. It lends it a charming quality to the whole poesy!
love,xxx, Zoya

Shas Ramlogan
Short and sweet. Profound.

hi..i love this poem.its just so awesome...