she said shell get married to whom ever her parents say.she does not believe in love.....
if she gets married to same one else
ill .................and...........and.........

Promis Me (Love)

I'll come
I promise I will
When I am on my two feet
I'll come to you.

Promise me you'll wait
Promise me you won't go

I know you don't love me
I know you don't care
I know you don't miss me
Not even for a day.

But I love you
I care
I miss you
More then I can bare.

Just promise me you'll wait
For I will come
And ask for your hand.

All I do now is for you.
So I can live my life
With you.

Promise me you'll wait.
For all my life
Ill be waiting for you.

Poetry by Hamzah Khan
Read 1120 times
Written on 2006-04-28 at 23:19

Tags Love  Marry  Promise 

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Love is a "free" gift and really not a promise. "One heart ablaze sets the other on fire." God who has fashioned the heavens and hangeth the word on "nothing" has also made you in accordance with his direct plan and desires for your life. For he who hath taken you six troubles will take you through the seventh! God is Omni-Potent [All Powerful] but not even the Almighty with all His powers can force us to love Him, for then it would not be "free love." Thus God who is "all knowing, all present, all powerful," His life is complicated because He loves. Such is the human state when it comes to love. Rest assured that people can close doors before you, but Almighty God can open it, but He will only do so in accordance with His will for your life. We see our lives only one day at a time, but God sees our entire sojourner's walk and beyond. "As oxygen is important to the lungs, such is hope for the meaning of life." Keep hope dear friend.