She said...

she said...
now you are here with me
may i whisper in your ear
since you are listening
i need to tell you how i feel
i have been looking hard
for the perfect words
the perfect way...
i just cannot hold this back
today is the day you will know
that i love you...
and the way you make me feel

she said...
since i have your attention
let me tell you what i need
now that you are holding me
i need to show you what i need
i have been trying to analyze
what it is i feel inside my heart
it should not be so hard
i really don't know what to say
i love you...
but somehow words
do not always portray
what it is i feel inside
...i love you

she said...
now you know how i feel
tell me what shall you do
now i said all these things
tell me what do you have to lose
i know you feel the way i do
i can see it in your eyes
you are scared...
there is no need to be
its alright...
its so easy...
i love you...
and there is nothing more
that i can say

Poetry by Mike
Read 581 times
Written on 2006-05-13 at 08:04

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timmy davis
what more can i capture the rwa emotion with such sensitivity


Pamela A Lamppa
Those moments when "I love You" just don't seem to say it all...
This really is a treasure. A truly beautiful work and a pure pleasure to read. ~Pam

matthew chilufya
the contents of this poem are very powerful...very powerful..very very powerful...good..good..good..good..

lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
hey mike this is a lovley poem to the girl obviously in your heart well done for the expressive way you love her good poem sir rgds another Mike and a lastromantichero can i put to on my writing friends list ani will put this in my favs