The revolution

I heard them say the revolution will not be televised
whoever said that oh..they were ill advised
this revolution will reach the masses
it is cutting across the classes
its time for us to be the leaders of the revolution
you see...
the revolution's matter what they say
as we change the world..they cannot block the way
they will fight us..spite us...but we will carry the day
we are changing the world..they cannot stand in the way
like Luda says its time for them to "get out the way"

this is a revolution for the disillusioned youth
let down by leaders who are so uncouth
they specialize in lies..they are alien to the truth
that's why when they're faced with the truth
they cannot handle the truth

with extreme precision...they've mastered indecision
making incisions into our hearts without inhibition
selfishly in pursuit of their dreams and ambition
they are trying to mess up with our beautiful vision
but this revolution is coming to fruition

we are tired of the conniving and the contradiction
we long for the days when we were served with conviction
when honesty was such a sweet addiction
when systems worked in sync...without contradiction
when we mingled freely...without fear of eviction

this revolution is not only political
it should touch every part of our life...that is critical
because change starts within...let us not be hypocritical
if I can change...if you can change...the world would be less cynical
that's a true revolution...a revolution that's clinical

a revolution that preaches integrity...
a revolution that teaches us how to respect humanity
a revolution that says no to impish unity
a revolution that promotes a harmonious community

I heard them say the revolution will not be televised
but it don't have to...
the revolution is happening right here...right now

Mstari Wa Nne/Maik Kwambo 2009

Poetry by Mike
Read 808 times
Written on 2009-07-24 at 09:10

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Jean Thomas
Oh, i like this.
i like revolution, change - social change and all.
everything about revolution, i love.

The rhymes are nice. it was really a nice piece.