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Yeah, I'm Jean Thomas in the writing world. She exists only in this world. It's just my pen name. Why I decided to have a pen name? I liked the idea and I'm serious about it. You can call me Faye, Fay in the world you know.

Why I'm here? I'm trying my best to fit in the writing world and I hope I will be appreciated. I love writing poems, quotations and memoirs. I'm currently working on my first anti-novel, a book I hope I can publish soon. Writing words comforts me especially when I'm in such blues. It's a remedy. Writing poetry was my jump start as I entered the writing world.

I got a lot of interests but writing is what I love the most. I write anything. Anything that entered my mind. Feelings too. I prefer to lock my feelings and emotions in pieces of papers and it doesn't matter to me if these feelings will never have the chance to be unfolded. That's all for now.

Jean Thomas

32 years old from Philippines

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