8 WHITE Balloons

I accept my many weaknesses
humility it is I guess
but at one point I am good
it is for you to assess.

This is solace for me
a remedy, a cure
I'm at ease and relieved
enjoyment that is so pure.

Friends is what I found
one best endowment
I gave all my appreciation
a million thank you I sent.

Happiness that is for real
keeping my joy alive
fervor is a brimming cup
I know this I will not deprive.

I always live frankness
some might get hurt
but I am being sincere
righteousness was never a dirt.

Thus I learn acceptance
I hold tight to reality
in no way this is perfect
clearly, that I can see.

In darkness I see light
He's my Savior, the Redeemer
He washed my spirit and soul
with His pen, I'm my life's writer.

Virtue is the whitest balloon
I am his greatest lover
this bliss I will always yearn for
hereafter, I will wonder.

Poetry by Jean Thomas
Read 1366 times
Written on 2009-08-09 at 17:06

Tags God  Light  Happiness 

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