One Last Struggle

Remember the truth they covered with lies?
Remember the war that opened your eyes?
You remember them but are all going to be in your mind?
Your eyes are opened but it seems you are blind.

Peace, justice and equality you demand
But you remain pathetic in your own land
What is your voice hushed by your illusioned fears?
What is heart dried by your useless tears?

Every conflict begins with a battle
A war we all need to settle
Accept this fact, we belong to this continued action
If we wanted democracy, join the revolution.

A conflict ends in the same way but it may never really end
If you would not know who's your enemy and who's your friend
Neutrality is what makes this society the society
It was neither balance nor fair. It would never be.

I know it's sad that life would really have to be wasted
But after this one last struggle, peace we would have tasted
So let us unite under one genuine party
Advance the struggle to achieve our genuine parity.

Poetry by Jean Thomas
Read 1069 times
Written on 2009-10-07 at 17:33

Tags Revolution  War 

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