Airs Of Avarice

It was an expression
A hidden desire of knowing it all
It was a boasting attire of self-centeredness
That was out of fashion.

It was pathetic
To volley every kudos
It was never a compliment
Because it was left handed.

It was every mouth's word
Pride, ego and the duke of the royal sins
It was a walking shoes of cupidity
And a ramping dress of vanity.

It would not get tired portraying Athena
Posing alike the unfaithful Aphrodite
Even the mortal psyche that's unknown
It would crown itself the Queen of the Sky rulers.

It was beyond understanding
A comprehension that is not to be taught
It was a secret text not to be decoded
It was beyond knowing it all.

Poetry by Jean Thomas
Read 773 times
Written on 2009-07-27 at 13:50

Tags Pride  Avarice  Ego 

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