Adapting Existence

I don't live a life
I don't know living
I tried to look for strife
To know fighting and withdrawing.

I don't know nature
I don't know animals and plants
I tried to get some nurture
Even from the colony of ants.

I don't know land, water and air
I don't know cars, boats and planes
I tried so much not to care
But they drag me to these lanes.

I don't know hells and heavens
I don't know angels and devils
I tried to find them using magical lens
And surreal their names and ideals.

I don't know love and friendship
I don't know family
But I tried to dig so deep
To change lonely I to together we.

I don't know why I can see and hear
I don't know if these make sense
But I will forever draw near
To realize I'm adapting existence.

Poetry by Jean Thomas
Read 940 times
Written on 2009-07-27 at 09:37

Tags Existence  Love  Freedom 

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wwowwwwwww thats so strong ,emotional ,and dark ,
thanks for sharing your depth with us

Very deep, we see what we want to see. I completely agree with you and I must confess that you put words on a very abstract thought I have had for a while... really since I started the IB.
thank you/ another lost poet