Bodies And Hearts

Oh, he conquered my soul
With his love and ego
I've driven to him and embraced him tight
When suddenly he pulled me out
I thought he would not jump on, on me
But yes, he did
He did it twice, many times
I was touched down.

I was afraid but no longer enough
He pulled me in
Love crushed down my fear
it was moving up my brain
I can't resist.

He moved up
I can't breathe, hearts pounding fast
He was out of control
And he pulled himself to me
I didn't think much
I let him deceive me
Then he stopped and I sighed
He lied exhausted and tired
Faced me, put his arms on me.

I looked at him
I don't know what to say
I was loving the pain
It was hot again
I moved up and washed down my hair
I pulled myself in.

We're drawn together at midnight
Reside with each others' core
It was getting light, it's so bright
That reached every gray-white floor
we ascended our eyes to see
but spirits decided to stay
Awaken but never moved
As hearts killed the cold silence
Our love is proved.

Poetry by Jean Thomas
Read 899 times
Written on 2009-07-21 at 15:48

Tags Hearts  Love  Sex 

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
This dance of romance is descriptive of so many relationships. Frightening, exciting, cautious, unguarded, foolish, reasoned. You've done an excellent job of bringing readers along for this bumpy ride.