Moral Dimension

I've been reading the MORAL DIMENSION book. It's nice. You should read it too. It helped me a lot. The holes inside my heart are filled.
Have you wonder what filled the holes inside me?
Ask me. now I'm totally new.


I mean it.

The song DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS of DISTURBED helped me too. You should listen to it.
It's nice. It's good. It's colonizing me.
Now you know what's nice and good to me. =P

everything that had happened to me was part of the sickness I called CANCER. It's not the cancer that you know. Think.

That cancer killed me yet it gave me another chance to change myself.
I'm thinking that this cancer also contributed to my dehumanization. The hell.
It's good. It really helped me.
I can't explain the feeling but it's really great.
You don't have any worries.
You don't mind your problems because you know you can deal with those.
It's like bringing back your blissful innocence that although you don't know a thing, although people looked at you and gave the impression you're ignorant or anything, it's okay.
You don't care because you know you're good and you're not STUPID.

The hell. I'm just so happy. =D
Hmmm. Maybe I'm getting aloof and numb when it comes to other people, I don't care.
Or maybe I'm number to agony, misery, whatever you would like to call it.
Or maybe I'm immune.

It's like my sins are forgiven by GOD and He washed my whole spirit, soul and body.

I'm just HAPPY right now and I really don't know why.
Bad things have not entered my mind.
No matter how I try to think of negative thoughts, none had dared to stay in my mind.
The negatives are veered away by positive thoughts.

I'm just happy. I'm very happy.
It's for real.
I hope you'll feel it too, to anyone reading this entry. =D

Diary by Jean Thomas
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Written on 2009-07-25 at 13:14

Tags Dimension  Self  Freedom 

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