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Jean Thomas

31 years old from Philippines

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Fly high

oh, short but very nice and the message is so nice too. i too want to fly just with all the happy, blissful things.

Pride Is Too Stubborn For It's Own Good

oh, cool. pride is something that could really make the worst out of us. Pride was never gentle and sympathetic. i like this piece.

Good God Are You Alive?

cool, short but it really touched humanity and conscience ripping out from anyone's. nice work.

Environmental Pollution

Oh, i like this so much and yeah, i can't help but agree.
this is so real. well stated. =)

a dream

Oh, i love this one. This is such a wonderful piece. Very well stated. You tell the story very nice too. It's quite sad. Keep writing.

God And You (Triku : three related Haikus)

Oh, this is nice.
a short inspiring piece i should say.
thanks for posting.

The revolution

Oh, i like this.
i like revolution, change - social change and all.
everything about revolution, i love.

The rhymes are nice. it was really a nice piece.


Oh, it's sad. It's really hard when you're in such deep trouble of having to think what you're feeling. It calls for a go-between but i guess it won't work either. it's only ourselves, we can solve this.

a nice short piece.

Friend of the Devil

Oh, it's cool. LOL
was you the devil? errr.
it's good.


Oh, thank you but it was no poem. It was my memoir during the time I'm vaining myself. Well, although being good has many disadvantages, i can say people will still want to be good and just better because there was never a disadvantage after all.

Especially For You, My Dear Friend.

Oh, how sweet. =)