My Deity

Every figure that resembles the Perfect Being
Is nothing but a Deity
He is the God whom we call upon
When our light is gone.

But do we really know His face?
Do we know where he lives?
Will we go to His haven?
Will we experience His love we believed?

Questions often denied the Perfection of Deity
But devotion is the reason why we have faith
We may doubt the plans He has for us
But commitment keeps us near to His gate.

My Deity is our Only One God
The one who keeps me away from evil
My Deity is our Lord Jesus Christ
To whom I pray the gift of eternal life.

Poetry by Jean Thomas
Read 851 times
Written on 2009-07-26 at 03:17

Tags Jesus  Life 

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Religion is the perfect thing to write about, and you do it really well. I wish that I had the same zeal.

I like this so much, and can relate.
The first verse is perfect in its intensity.
3rd verse, "devotion is the reason we have faith." I love those words, they are a meditation, such as I often find in poetry written by such as yourself.
"Commitment keeps us near his gate." I like to believe that, but often wonder, am I at his gate for that reason, or simply our of fear? I hope and believe that it is the former.
I love your write.