Well, I am the little woman. =)

The Little Woman

Tripping games with the little woman
Is what you called being suicidal
Making series of lies as you can
Patching stories into a big scandal.
Don't play with the little woman anymore
She's someone you cannot bear
She loves playing with either open or closed doors
She can always afford to buy your death fare.
The little woman doesn't like bad people
She's turning into evil when thrown by evil thoughts
She doesn't want these things to happen
She doesn't like to call her loyal evil Goths.
The little woman is a good girl
And she loves her Deity so much
But this little woman is very clever
She can send to the Devil your red letter.
The little woman likes you to be her friend
Some people seemed not to understand this thing
But this little woman is really damn nice
She likes you to share with her your hurting.
The little woman is sick and tired of fights
She wants to live with peace and contentment
She wants to be loved by her people
She wants to stand tall and never to fall.
She still has the madness inside
But she's fighting it with God's love
She is still in pain and agony
But she's not stopping to find ways to be free.
The little woman has nothing more to say
She is very tired and sleepy
She is saying thank you and goodbye
This is the end of her little story.

Poetry by Jean Thomas
Read 830 times
Written on 2009-07-24 at 13:07

Tags Woman  Self 

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Phyllis J. Rhodes
Oh, I forgot, she won't take any bull either! I particularly like that!

Phyllis J. Rhodes
I love this little woman! She is complex, yet open. Inviting others to know her, all aspects of her. You get a lot with her friendship. She is never boring, never deceiving. She, like so many of us, struggles with her demons. But she will win. She knows her power source. This little woman would understand me well. And isn't that what we all want, someone to understand us, particularly we cannot understand ourselves?