My professor in mythology and folklore asked me and my block mates to think of 13th labor for Hercules and here is mine.

More Than A Labor

"The Labors of Hercules" given by Eurystheus, King of Mycenae, was created because of the crime he didn't mean to do. He lost his sanity because of covetous Hera that led him to killing his maiden Megara and their 3 sons who have not given the chance to experience what life has in store for them. It would be the most sad and tragic thing he had done and experienced but it should not keep him miserable and resentful before the day of his death.

These 12 labors are tangible that never lessen the pain and suffering he was trying to endure and bear. these only amount to the guilt he was feeling and these were never enough to pay for the crime he did unconsciously. it even entered his mind that his death is the only penance for the sin but with the help of his friend Theseus, his life he was going to take away was spared. thus, the 12 labors served as a line of penances that would purify Hercules' soul and heart once completed. He was a man of strength and he was able to finish the labors that only required power.

Unfortunately, Hercules never earned acceptance and tranquility. i guess the 12 labors were never enough and so I was asked to make another labor and 13Th labor of Hercules.

Hercules would go back to the place where it all started. he would go back to where Megara grew and lived. He would build a temple for her and for their sons. People would visit the temple and do worshiping provided Hercules would lead the worship for 2 years. after he completed the 13Th labor, he would ask his father Zeus to help him maintain the temple by putting minor goddesses and gods who would take care and lead the worships. Hercules should have earned ease and inner peace for the rest of his life.

I thought of this task to be his 13Th labor so that he would put his whole heart as he does this. a labor work indeed. This would be a tribute to his family rather than a labor. i want to believe this is the finest that could easily ease him because he would do this not just to clean his very core but also to let people realize that he is in deep remorse and to prove his undying love to his family.

Essay by Jean Thomas
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