Seriously Humorous

Should I tell you the same difference?
When both only end with the same word?
-Military Intelligence and Army Intelligence
Would you help me clean this fine mess?

Should I ask for an aid
From a government organization?
Or should I just study political science
And ignore the coming government assistance?

Now both instigate with the same word.
Would I secretly open the difference?
Or should I hire a decent lawyer
To tell you the simple calculus of this matter?

The lawyer didn't come but appeared an honest politician
But he didn't discuss the difference of the two
Instead he begun a topic of Christian Science
And relate to it the Religious Tolerance.

He's a resident alien
Who knew the course of genuine imitation
I was terribly pleased with this mournful optimist
Can I just say "Thank God, I'm an atheist"?

He began another subject and it was about music
He said he listens to new classic and rap music
He said he killed the soft rock
I said, "The hell I care about you Ghetto Punk!"

I just want to make a tactical mass destruction
But only the honest politician will die
I will set the first strike defense
And go back to the problem of same difference.

I know he will affirm a holy war
Because I already declared a civil war
But I know he's a crappy villain
Religion is the only matter in his brain.

So we have a quiet riot alone together
I was silently screaming
While he does a talkative mime
But we stopped after we heard a chime.

The ding was from a cafeteria
I think the crew clearly misunderstood
We're combating not because of our hunger
How dare he cares about our here and there!

Suddenly he came out with two 12-inch pound cakes
And 2 Jumbo Shrimps he exclusively made
For the two of us whose appetite started to ache
All the food he offered we take.

The food was terribly good
Much better than the airline food
The food really fulfilled our inside out
That we stop battling and thinking out.

I guess the food is new and improved
With some friendship medicine
Because I and the honest politician
We don't care anymore who will win.

And so we stopped our good grievances
And didn't continue too the same difference
We went inside the cafeteria and order catfish
We freezer burned ourselves with the scrumptious dish.

Poetry by Jean Thomas
Read 913 times
Written on 2009-07-30 at 10:45

Tags Humor  Serious  War 

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