a love affair that ended in tragedy...

Big ass bed

she was a sultry goddess

that every man wanted to possess

a work of art…she tore their hearts apart

she was a strong vivacious woman

she was super human

every time I looked at her I used to think…you woman

I remember the day she came strolling down my way

what could I say

was it fate that got us on this date

to me she began to intimate about the way

she has a man that she loves to hate

so she sipped her drink….and she began to think

about her life

about her strife….unhappy wife

she shed a tear..as I moved near

told her not to fear..she whispered in my ear

“let’s get away from here..”

the whisper in my ear filled me with cheer

it was July..wishing myself happy new year



I woke up in the middle of a big ass bed

wondering what the hell was going through my head

that night..I held her tight and it felt so right

the necking and pecking…the hissing and kissing

the loving and shoving..the dreaming and screaming

the touching and feeling…the hitting the ceiling

she came like the waters that fall off the Niagara

asked me if I had overdosed on Viagra

“oh no”, I told her..I really liked her

she broke into a smile..hadn’t smiled in a while

shining like bling all because of this fling

without a care it was a hot and steamy love affair

soon her man found out and it was total warfare

but me and her we made good use of that big ass bed

sharing facts with lots of tact

it was a beautiful act

until the day he drove a knife right through her heart

he killed her…she died on the big ass bed

he killed her…she died on the big ass bed

Poetry by Mike
Read 880 times
Written on 2009-07-24 at 09:18

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Great story and a WOW! ending. I am sure there is a lesson in there somewhere! maybe choose a less trackable Big Ass Bed!lol

Welcome to the bay of Good, bad ass poets!

Smiling at you