tired of the broken street lights
the pot holed roads
the crazy traffic jams
the nosy people
keen to know
whats going on in your life

it annoys me that
i cannot walk in my neighbourhood
as i will be mugged or beaten up
by people who do not like my looks
i'm tired of the rising crime
caused by unemployment and poverty

tired of paying taxes
for undelivered services
tired of politicians
who only come to me
at election time
...i'm so fed up

tired of watching the news
fatigued from reading the papers
nothing new to write about
just the same old circus every day
driving me totally insane
i need to get away and release the stress

how i yearn for the good old days
when we lived so care-free
no intrusive gadgets...
paparazzi that drive us up the wall
i'm going to get away..have some time for me
i'm tired of the madness

Poetry by Mike
Read 432 times
Written on 2006-05-15 at 17:46

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Onyeka Nwelue
Mike, I think we are all becoming tired of all these balderdash in Africa.

Everything is becoming unbearable. Hewu! This is touching and deeply rooted.

Malin Johansson
Yeah society doesnt always looks what it seemes to be... Society now isnt what it has been.. Sadley but true.. Very strong word about needing to get away for a while... Rgds Malin