mister young man

mister young man
where are you heading?
over the years
you have single handedly
shed pounds and pounds
of growth off the population
at this rate
the nation will crumble
shooting here...
stabbing there...
will it ever stop

you are on your way
to a tragic end
caused by a deadly overdose
of drugs and crime
I'm just a concerned citizen
worried about the youth
don't blame the enemy
for your downfall
are the only things you know

I don't condone what you do
please get yourself together
you have a fine mind
but the way you live
you won't be able to grow old
you are acting up...doing drugs
"hanging out" with friends
you are not making ends
you are only plotting your own end
that's the truth of the matter
you are getting skinny
all in the name of getting your pockets fatter

Poetry by Mike
Read 419 times
Written on 2006-05-15 at 17:56

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