The Black Halo

Creeping in the sheets
My heart missing some beats
Wishing you lying here,
Crying myself to sleep
Hoping that you keep
My love in someplace near.
You say that you're alone
When I call you on the phone
Whispering my thoughts in your ear,
Trying to close my eyes
As another part of me dies
Submerging into the darkest lair.
When you came to me that night
Rested your heart in my hands
Your halo falling to the ground
Confessing of another man,
I don't want to hold you anymore
You can no longer live in those lies
The pieces shatter to the floor
--- My broken heart.

I remember all the times
When we would always mime
"I love you" and "I love you too",
It's killing me inside
That it was all a lie
A happy ending undone by you.
I can not face you now
Can not look you in the eye
Because you have hurt me so,
My angel in the dust
Overcame sadly by lust
Now a vision of a dark-winged crow.
Tearing down your pictures from my wall
Ripping out those pages with your name
Waiting until I walk out the door
To forget all that me sane,
I can not trust anymore
My faith wilting with every lie
My soul mourning with every step
---It's over.

Poetry by Shas Ramlogan
Read 921 times
Written on 2006-05-17 at 02:53

Tags Unfaithful  Pain  Love 

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Powerfully written--I love the title.

hey, this poem is very powerful but i like it alot, it has a lot of emotion in it also!!!!! this poem is way more than a 5!!!! keep the poems coming!!!
love amber lynn

Zoya Zaidi
My God Shas, this ia so powerful, it just drips with raw emotion of a broken heart!
Good flow too!
Love, xxx, Zoya

Alfred Iwerebor
Don't Give up on love, because of "your angel in the dust"
Who was "sadly overcome by lust"
Can lust overcome love?
I doubt it. So please try again.

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
wow! this is a great piece. I felt your anquish. You expressed it so vividly that I was clenching my chaws as I read along to the end.


Sad. Haunting. Dark. Bitter. Beautiful. Enchanting.

....I love adjectives...but I cannot think of any that will describe just how intensely wonderful this poem is.

Mischa Ash Brookes
This poem is so emotionally enthraling and heartbreaking. I love the changing rhythms. Brilliant as always :)

Julie Shehata
Wow - this is just painfully beautiful.
Once again you leave me in awe.