Night by Ann Wood

It is nice and warm night.
People are still out
in the park or visiting
friends or family.
The sky is clear
and there so many stars.
It is full moon and
birds song coming from the garden.
I stay in the patio and reading my book.
It is nice and breezy night
and I enjoying my time in the patio.
My mom is coming to join me
in the patio with two cups of tea
and home made cookies.
She sit next to me and ask me how am I?
We start chatting about
our day at work
and the weather for next day.
We plan to go out to
the nears town
for shopping at our day off.
We stay in the patio for
one more hour
and then we get into the house.
It is nice April night
and birds singing
their love song in the garden
I am getting ready
for bed and call
good night to
my mom and family.

Poetry by Ann Wood
Read 968 times
Written on 2017-04-18 at 00:49

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Ann Wood
Thank you Helen. You are like a family to me all of you my friends on

Family is something I never had and
always longed for. Nice poem.

Ann Wood
Thanks my friend

yoonoos peerbocus