Sorry for the aweful text i submitted a while back, i shouldn't have put that up. Anyone who read that, I am sorry, and please don't judge me by that writing.

Painful Profits

Poetry by Painful Profits
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Written on 2006-05-20 at 02:02

Tags Sorry  Apology  Trife 

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Don`t apologize for your writings.
The text is often wiser than the author ,, a famous saying. Awful words aren't necessarily bad. They reflect an emotion felt.
I did read your text, your angry rap, and although I must admit to feeling a bit old when I read it, it was written in a refreshing young way and the language used
(Eminem amongst others) is often used by young artists today with a slightly different weight behind the words than the older generation reads into them. It was a disgusting text, but disgusting provokes and provocation is sometimes needed.
Don`t apologize.

Zoya Zaidi
It is OK Profit!
As long as you realize your mistake,
And make amends it is OK!

I hope your mom did not read it?
If she did, you have another person
to apologise to, I know, which would be
a much harder task. Well all the best for that!
And no one is going to hold it against you!
***Now, I will hug you***
and say:
love, xxx, Zoya