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Indian Giver (i turned my back) Sparks 2009-10-29
Overloaded With Guiltpic Seed Of Evil 2008-04-18
Im Sorry (1) Gothic geisha 2007-05-27
I'm Sorry, anonymous Gothic geisha 2007-04-28
I'm gonna set things right dre 2007-02-16
pretty words wont save you now (1) dre 2007-02-15
)): *~._ I AM SORRY YET AGAIN _.~* :(( (7) zeeshan 2006-12-22
I didn't mean to hurt you! (3) Zainab 2006-12-20
I'm Sorry (4) Shelbie 2006-11-25
apologies (3) Painful Profits 2006-05-20
I'm sorry (1) Tina 2005-11-30
Dear mom (Don't kill me with those eyes) (2) Tina 2005-11-30