Sometimes people misunderstand
And it tend to be a serious problem.......

I didn't mean to hurt you!

I didn't mean to hurt you
Neither will I do
While I was really mad
All the things which I said
I never really meant
To hurt your feelings even once
Never ever baby
Because I never actually meant

Try to understand me
That wasn't me
It was me standing in front you
But actually not me
It was my anger which was speaking
So never get me wrong
You know what a kind of a person I am
To do that I would rather hurt myself

You know we belong together
Don't listen what people say
Remember we came from far
Don't let this gorgeous relation die
This love story my life you & I
This love that we share
We can't let it break
Ridiculously just like that

Do you hear what I just said
I'm not speaking with the walls
Let us forget what happened
Let our love grow
Like the sunflower
Let it show
I know you misunderstood me
But all I can say ; o

I didn't mean to hurt you!

Words by Zainab
Read 1089 times
Written on 2006-12-20 at 09:06

Tags Sorry 

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Thank you
Rob & Penfold d:

Rob Graber
Wonderful representation of a truly universal situation & sentiment.

Many a word is spoken in anger, that sometimes cannot be taken back, even though it was not meant, just the heat of the moment. you have conveyed that well in this write.