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Amanda K

43 years old

Sometimes talking to humans is in vain and as we are doing so we unintentionally forget to address who understands us best "God".

3) Dear God

God sometimes I feel am lost, lonely and sad in life.
Those times in which I need You most.
Then God give me a hand and make me trust in the good.
God send me answers when things turn hard to figure out.
God catch me when I fall in holes and it seems that I can't reach the top.
Dear God always bless me with Your Mercy and Compassion for I believe they have no end.
Drive me to the shore where hopes with faith can win.
Let my Belief in You guides me through the dark paths with light so strong to hide.
Laminating me with Your Love
which makes me feel comfort.
God just lift my soul from every sore.

Poetry By Amanda K
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Written 2006-06-08 17:48

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i agree talking to people sometimes is definitely in vain... your words are filled with comfort and a deep sense of security in this prayer... has a very soothing effect... nicely put together... :f xx

Nagamuthu Osho
Respected Poet,

Divine words are so power, your prayer is very intense.
God is one,
In me He will come,
In all , He will come, where our heart is pure, there Lord will shower blessings.
God bless you.

This opened my eyes.. Just what I needed today
Thanx for sharing this Amanda!!

beautiful... belief is a important thing, I don't know if I belive there is a god, but I belive that it's only good to belive...

Yes ! Agree with Damon and Zoya . God Bless !!! ...... G

Kathy Lockhart
May I add my name to your prayer and send it up on angel's wings to God's ears?
You have written a prayer of my heart. I know God is pleased when His children speak with him. What a magnificient Father He is! :)) kathy

Zoya Zaidi
A very charming prayer indeed!
Yes, we all turn to God, in times of distress, and He never lets us down!

Love, xxx,Zoya

A great prayer, very nice. I love what you said in the description as well..very true!

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