Friendship born during your childhood, often finds a way into the dusty hidden trinkets you set aside.


I closed my eyes,
The darkness befell,
Fading away, both our paths.

Days we walked,
Hand in hand as friends for life,
Come back to me and I'm reminded.

There's very little,
I can do to repair the past,
It's done and gone,
never look back.

One of the elder roots, I stumbled upon,
the fall made me land right smack in the mud,
where I saw a small trinket of our past,
stuck to the roots of the ancient oak.

I wish for just one chance,
if the oak is not dry,
to open my eyes,
to take the shroud of darkness off.

I plead for an audience,
with the one,
whose hand I let go,
one fated night in the confusion of time.

Will you answer this short wording from my heart,
For us to look together at the small treasure I found?

If you can, I am more than willing to rectify,
And bring from my heart my belated apologies.

Auterkeia Nihil

May 18 2006

"The ones you love dearly once, you love for all times

Poetry by Autie
Read 1402 times
Written on 2007-03-21 at 21:36

Tags Friendship  Apology  Belated 

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heartfelt and gentle words is the impression for me when i read this... for a long lost friendship, and the apologies i understand them as being apologetic of the fact there was a separation for so long and during that time the heart did seemingly forget about it... my interpretations of course :) but this is expressed very beautifully... made me think on some of my friends of the past... *hugs* xx