Transforming from its slumber like a phoenix to the flame,
Roaring to the surface, as it nullifies the brain.
Reason lost in turmoil, calm and patience dashed,
Razor claws or voice, poor emotions slashed.

Hurt wells in the eyes as anger bites the mark,
Love and light now painfully shadowed by the dark.
Angered word or action cannot be undone,
Withered only by the times earth moves round the sun.

As mind doth finally quell the phoenix angered flame,
Guilt arises from its throne to allocate the blame.
Beg forgiveness mind and soul for angered actions wrought,
And take alone the valued lesson of humble patience bought.

Hark the injured ego calling for the eye,
Fuel not mighty anger for this hollow cry,
Sternly set they will and reaffirm the mind,
Of guilt and hurtful feelings when anger is unkind.

Poetry by Craig Frazer
Read 970 times
Written on 2007-03-08 at 10:11

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Zoya Zaidi
A very well analyzed piece on the emotion of anger; always a powerful emotion, it really clouds our reason for those few seconds that we give went to it, only to regret afterwards in our saner state of mind. Yet, when anger is controlled and well directed it can change the fate of nations, but never with violence, but non-violence, like the Satyagraha of Gandhi...
(((Hugs for the thought provoking piece)))
You know you have inspired me to write my own piece on anger!
Love, Zoya

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
This speaks to me in volumes
as I have been hurtful myself
in an angry temper.

Love your poetry style :)