This is about, trying to find, the feeling, to forgive someone, or actually feel what the words they're saying or not just words, but something more. that maybe sometimes, whats missing, is just your heart.

Shallow fire

i close my eyes again today,
i close my eyes for a moment,
inhale through the fire in my lungs,

i listen to your words, it seems so hollow,
i open my eyes to a world so shallow,

searching through the fire,
what do your words apire,
carve the flowers on my skin,
your begging me again,

plant the seed, of the tree,
it's in your words, but not in me,
can i fill the hole so hollow,
or am i just too shallow,

i slam the door to get away,
look at the mess i've made,
am i wrong, have i lost my eyes to shade,

i close my eyes again today,
close them for a moment,
search the shallow for the hollow,
listen to you words, before i follow.

Poetry by Gothic geisha
Read 1017 times
Written on 2008-01-05 at 00:59

Tags Words  Feelings  Fire 

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