I'm alone, I'm free

I lied to me
I lied to me
you wasn't mine
you didn't belong to me

I want to cry
I want to die
the fate wasn't my friend
It took you away from me

where shall I yell
where shall I cry
I need to kill
the pain in my chest

you should know me better
you should find me better
why did you let me fall inlove
when you knew I would never give up?
why did you let me fall inlove
when you knew you could never be mine?

I'm sad because of you
I'm bad because of you
I belive you're a pain
painter who love to hurt

I'll kiss you goodbye
I'll run far far away
I'll close my eyes on you
I need no more future of you

I've got enough of what
love could ever give to me
I'm no sad story to tell
I've got the best results ever

I'm alone
I'm free.

Poetry by Miro
Read 1118 times
Written on 2008-03-24 at 00:02

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i loved the last two verses especially.
this is wonderful :) x

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That was nice, I feel I'm in love..

Kathy Lockhart
oh this was so poignant Miro. Well done.

Exactly...whats there to regret...whats there to look back for...the good memories hurts so its better go ahead...love ends in breakup but breakup can end in LOVE...peace to your heart