April 2007
shocked, scared and worried


How can life be so full and yet so empty?
Is it coz I'm scared of losing what i have?
Or gaining what I don't deserve?

How can i need to cry and laugh at the same time
Is it coz I'm too lonely to be happy?
or is it cos I'm too loved to be sad?

I don't wanna make your life hard
I don't wanna break you
You're my strong
Protection from all wrong
Or are you?

I know you can be there for me
But can i?

You're not my Champagne Supernova
You can't be.
He's special
He's the one
You're perfect
But you're ordinary
You're you
I'm me
I need a freak
You don't choose the people you love
But what if I choose not to love you?
What then?

I don't want to be consumed in being loved
I want to be consumed in true love

I don't doubt you
I doubt me

Poetry by Inspired
Read 1003 times
Written on 2007-05-12 at 11:59

Tags Confused  Questions  Doubts 

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