My Barren Infinity

From beyond the infinite nothingness,
to the nothingness buried inside of me

Cast upon the leaves and trees and
darkness that encapsulates this universe like sea

Blooming life revolting gravity and
fugaciously qualifying the test of time

Rustling beasts on terrified streets
going to or coming from their scenes of crime

Evading a revisit to life's lessons
under the weight of experiences

Playing with fire, restrained not by wires,
burning shoots of knowledge, the invincible tree

A puppet to the surroundings and the senses,
boldness and blindness turning men to graves

Quiet witness to the daily murders
while enslaving ourselves to our offspring's existence

From beyond the infinite nothingness,
to the nothingness buried inside of me

I am the result of this explosion,
this heaven is at my call, my feet

All my desires at fulfillment,
all sweet challenges of unsolvable mysteries

Vacuum out there to make more sterile,
this vacuous life that I lead

Thorns of transition,
burst open my silent entitlement

Coalescing my reality with
the all-powerful emptiness

Now I am free from the
clutches of my control

In this fatuous drama,
searching for another insignificant role

The role of ancient philosophical teachings
Justifying rapes and murders, through beastly preachings

Poetry by Jalaj Soni
Read 403 times
Written on 2017-08-20 at 18:15

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in your EPILOGUE you quote old philosophical teachings that no longer apply to civilised societies. We have moved beyond those teachings that are now considered crimes against humanity. We have learned, we have evolved as a society beyond those hideous old beliefs. Well, most of us. Those who still claim to believe in that simply use it to justify their sociopathic minds and belong in jails or asylums. IMHO.

Kathy Lockhart The PoetBay support member heart!
This is a very powerful poem. There is much to consider and think about. The depths are dark and deep. Thank you for posting this on Poetbay. kathy

I was enthralled by the title and the first stanza and tried to follow it through its complex philosophical expressions. I loved the wording. Well done.