Is it really possible to get people to understand you without feeling their pain first.. Without allowing them in your deepest darkest secrets... Without.. A switch?


The curtain calls for a fiery revolt
We all are heroes with empty holsters of colt
Dreams to shake the world to safety
Faraway - the frustrations around brevity.. Switch

Broken sleeps, broken beliefs
Trojan horses, Trojan camaraderies
Drowning noises, drowning voices
Turning tides, turning... Switch

Welcome to the new world order
Crave to protect your borders
Live a wholesome life of an achiever
Forsake the path of the naive believer and.. Switch

Ray of light, Ray of hope
Deep trenches of love overshadowing scorn
The rains have lost their tears now
Pray, they don't bring memories forlorn only to.. Switch

Arriving somewhere you don't fit in
Deriving pleasures from some tortuous presence
Empty repositories run satiated souls now
Hope to leave this house, to build a new.. Switch

Caressing the body of a sharp-eyed dame
Tasting the pleasures of a beauty that maims
Leaning and breathing into the passionate spectacle
Of changes in life, in a pursuit of.. Switch

Grinding and thriving, turning rats into armies
Devouring innocence from the young and the charming
Destroying the art of repentance and romance
The changes in life, in a pursuit of.. Switch

And I am you, and you are me
Take part in this newfound global fluidity
Your dreams are mine my nightmares, yours
Come flow with me on this wave of destiny
Bring out my tears, endure all my pain
Reverberate my conscience, with your diligence
And I am you, and you are me
Spot holes in the construction of my society
Let me come and live your life, and.. Switch

Poetry by Jalaj Soni
Read 515 times
Written on 2019-04-17 at 20:50

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