Homeostasis is the metabolic equilibrium maintained by your body against disruptive changes.. imagine the entire universe warding off all the good and all the bad to maintain Homeostasis..

The Universe - in Homeostasis

Born to the kingdom of existence, of being
Drawing from fire, a frigid ending
Broken, rejuvenated cracks of spacetime
An imperfect beam balance of many rhymes - homeostasis

Growing from the seed of a sun-kissed orb
Absorbing light - the universe's heart-throb
Dies out conforming to its foremost stages
A symmetric asymmetry, spread out - homeostasis

The Orb has sprouted into a tree
Diverged from a gravitational singularity
Attraction repelled, conformity condemned
An Orb engulfed in its roots, its tree - homeostasis

Poetry by Jalaj Soni
Read 83 times
Written on 2020-04-22 at 00:21

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