I just felt like revisiting a poem which turned out as quite a hit during my stay in Seattle. Peep, peep, toote, toote!

The Flowers of America (reprise)

Back in America I noticed how the fire of a black man contrasts the paleness of a white man and how the reflections turn on the sun

Let me behold the flowers ´cause I adore
your loving smile and your cool body language

You know your value.

The suns of America are being turned on and of
and sometimes they are dancing really close

Do let me behold and embrace the flowers of America
before the stardust of my life blows away

And let me be direct:
We don't need anybody to control our thoughts -
we know how love feels when the suns are dancing close

Poetry by Sean Ryan Bjerremand
Read 494 times
Written on 2017-11-12 at 14:56

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I love the cadence in this poem and the metaphor with the sun. America has such a complicated relationship with any people of any color that it's such a surprise that at one time it was called a melting pot This poem is a joy to read.+