Dedicated to my life long best friend Rikke.

Hakuna matata

I have seen your soul
throughout decades

And I hear
the sweetest sound of sincerity
when I look down my memory lane

The sun has come up
telling us that the night
belongs to the ages
singing the name
I would love to give you
and the whole world

And now we´re standing here
showing our love to the world
embracing the simple truth

You are so beautiful
and every time I hear your name
it reminds me of the soil
we´ve left behind
truth and love and simplicity
with the simple words of wisdom

Does not matter if you are black or white
rich or poor

'Cause if we want to we can
join the sun
singing the words of wisdom
and the sweet simple truth 

Hakuna matata

Poetry by Sean Ryan Bjerremand
Read 75 times
Written on 2022-05-28 at 00:53

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Sean Ryan Bjerremand
Since Griffonner suggests this is a poem for a lover I will stress that she´s nothing but a dear friend. The name that I would like to give her is 'hakuna matata'.

Griffonner The PoetBay support member heart!
In France they say, 'pas problème' - as a colloquialism really, but it fits with your lofty poem to replace Swalhili. When I say 'lofty' I mean coming from a high place. I wonder what the name is that you would give to your lover(?) Really nicely written.

This is tender and strong in its delicacy. And what a wonderful friendship that sees life with no worries. Thanks for sharing Sean Ryan. Much enjoyed. /Rik.