There is a theory that there are infinite timelines. Perhaps there is one where I get everything I desire.

And the Me of that universe won't get it all, if I don't lose in mine.

My Parallel Shadow

Congratulations on getting that job
And getting that girl you were waiting for
On fighting and winning every bout
From the other side, please accept my shout

Your every laurel weighs heavy on the grave
Of all my shattered dreams, nights and days
Your parallel joys are my parallel sorrows
An infinite series of todays and tomorrows

Morbid beasts with a lust for bloodshed
Education ruined at the backs of illiterates
Entertainment drowning in baseless critique
This world is ruined, hope your utopia is neat

As I delve deeper into my pain
I pray your pleasures are deeper still
For I have only known a romance, aversive
You have a neverending supply of love

The more I lose, the more you gain
This burden of life shared by the perfect invisible friend
The more I am lost, the more I seek
My share in your carefully drafted being

Poetry by Jalaj Soni
Read 359 times
Written on 2017-11-30 at 22:05

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I like theories and I found yours very intriguing. The last stanza is quite shocking. Nice job.