If you like to listen to skylarks singing we know what you did last summer. This poem attempts to describe the burgeoning passion engendered in a slow walk of lovers to their secret hideaway and the simple erotica of bare legs. A repost

Illicit paradise by M.A.Meddings

Illicit Paradise

By M.A.Meddings

How did we get here to this summer meadow?
Hidden where no one comes for eternity
And what do we do with the flame?
In answer, you take my hand and we walk
Towards the dreadful inevitability of it all
Helpless to the descifinado song of our desire

Then you, stepping before me barefoot and beautiful
Lead the way to heaven
Concealed in the glory of June
The piquant charm of your naked legs, so enticeing!
Seducing the last vestige of honour from me
Until I am blinded by the proximity of you

Then as if by fate, we find the perfect spot
Lost in the silence of late afternoon
A shallow bower in clandestine
Within the forbidden world of our liaison
And there we lay supinely holding hands
Trembling to the electrifying grace of touching finger tips

Waiting and wondering how long we can endure
This pretentious; hollow decency
Me unashamedly wanting to undress you
You, in the ripeness of your needs, wanting me to
Both lying perfectly still, throat stretched faces turned
Towards the sun drenched skies of summer

And then, we, spurred by a wondrous signal
Turn to each other and become lost in a world of each others eyes
And in my love of you I am defeated by the raw softness of your lips
Entrapped by the gentle freckles on your face
Entwined in the intoxication of your sweet breath
And succumb to the delight of your fingers unslipping my shirt

Thrilling as you gently find the joy of my grizzled chest
Daring me to resist you for more than a moment
Touching me softly as if I were a statue of gold
Testing the depths of my resistance
Finding it wanting and shallow, childlike in its naivety
Until I succumb to my burgeoning wanton obsession of you

Then summer kissed in our secluded haven.
I take you gently to me, placing soft kisses and one by one
Upon your eyes; your nose; the slashed red glory of your lips
Gently loving you as I unclip with determined guile
The flimsy buttons of your dress. Leaving you helplessly mine
A prisoner to the throbbing pleasure within you

Then suddenly, in the carnal delight of our nakedness
We are one you and I, as your silken dark secret
Gratefully welcomes and envelopes the majestic pride of me
Your cries of pleasure intermingling discordantly with the
Ethereal trilling of a skylark standing skyward. And I
With considerate lips, discover the impertinent splendour of you picture pretty breasts

Whilst in summer grass, resplendently careless of our sin
We move in the undulating ride of pleasure, touching in wondrous need
As time stands still within a world we both created, giving and taking
Moving onward; the softness of you; the hard power of me
Unabashed; unprotected love at the very edge of our ecstasy
Until with body wracked explosions we collapse into an illicit paradise

Lost in the joy of each other, we lie momentarily
In the cool grass of summer meadows
Finished; complete; unashamed of what happened
Bathing in the adulation of one another
Whilst the standing lark trills his last slow, descending chorus, at evening
An insistent symphony to the beauty of what we did.

Poetry by lastromantichero The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2006-05-27 at 08:53

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The only rating I could give you was

'A must read text'

Yet, it not at all fitting of this majestically beautiful poem! Michael, I am undone with this tender and most erotic picture of bliss.

It leaves me breathless!

You are more than just the lastromantichero to me, you are the onlyromantichero in my eyes!


Kathy Lockhart
hmmmm very nice, indeed. lots of sensual images. As is your way, romance throughout, with a little Illicit Paradise for good measure. Kathy

Malin Johansson
Oh my!!! this one was perfectley wonderfull... you are a true poet...
Rgds from your daughter

Dan Cederholm

A hymn to the nature!!!

And the paradise on earht

so big and so beautiful

that it hurts in good way

this is so big and beautiful

that I want to sing!!!

Sincerly Dan!!!