Day thirty two of our holiday and day eight in day care unit 28th of July 2018 by Ann Wood

Day thirty two of our holiday and day eight in day care unit 28th of July 2018, it is Saturday morning and I am still in bed. Today is my last day alone in the house and I enjoy the silent. I read book until nine o'clock then get up and have a shower and get dressed for the day. Then I have my medication's and breakfast and after that clean the kitchen and the table. Around eleven o'clock I left the house and go for long walk, it is a nice day and I enjoy the sunshine. I walking to the shop for sliming products which is few bus stops where my brother is living about 3-4km walking distance, both ways. It is over 29*C and I am ready to go for this long walk. This is my target for today to go and back as far as I can by walking. I get my bags and umbrella just in case it start raining. I walk on the street and looking around shopping windows on my way back I will shopping for tomorrow lunch. I make few phone calls and talk to my brother too. It is nice walk I enjoy the sunshine and to walking around Sofia. It is my first walk alone in the city and I am proud of myself. After one and half hours walking I reach the shop buy the cream and get ready to go back home. I cross the road and walk on other side on the street. I reach the shop from where I want to buy meat and some fruits and vegetables. Then continued walking stop at the small shop and get cold water and have a drink of it. It start getting very hot, I keeping walking, but the sun getting very high and I stop to wait for bus to get the rest few stops where left to my brothers house. The train come and I get in for two stops, that what was left but it is long walk and it is really hot. I left the train and go to the shop I forget to buy potatoes and something ready for eat for my lunch and dinner. I get some ice creams too and go to the park for some fresh air and rest, before I go home. On the park I meet one lady sitting there alone I sit next to her and say hello to her. We start chatting about the weather and the kids who was playing around us. Then I tell her that I have to go before my ice creams getting malted, I says good bye to her and go home. Once I get at home I put everything in the fridge and freezer. Then go to have my late lunch and watching TV. After lunch I go to bed to have rest it was almost four o'clock I sleep for two hours then get up washing my clothes and dishes get a shower again after that I get dressed and call my family. We talk and I tell them about my lovely walk and what I get for our lunch for next day when they back home. After we finish our phone call I get my dinner and evening medication, then watching TV and clean the table. My aunty come at eight o'clock to feed the hamster and see me she stay for few minutes then she go back home. Around twelve o'clock I go to bed and read book until I fall asleep. Good night sweet dreams sleep well all.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-08-21 at 16:38

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