My son by Ann Wood


Come to me, my boy, sit down
the only prince in my heart
for a warm welcome you embraced me
to you I stretch my hands

Now you're cuddling in mommy
and I want time to stop for a moment
no such thrill is gone
as long as you hold your child in your arms.

GOD puts a hand on your shoulder
and will keep you from countless troubles,
but one only forgets,
that mother always comes to you.

One is the mother in life only
sleepless nights had countless
I have enough to say, "Mom,
I appreciate every one of your advice! "

The nest leaves every bird
she leaves when her wings grow up
and struggles in her life alone
a mother's heart is torn apart.

Time will pass, you will become a man
and you will face countless difficulties
you will fall and you will become more than once,
but before fate always on a male stand.

And do not forget where you left
the beginning is important, know
I hope so I can educate you
of virtues and principles endlessly.

And once you have a family, you already have a home
I will wait, son, to come again
my soul so quiet at night crying
come, wipe these maternal tears.

I will suffer, as far as I am,
but my life will be more beautiful
and calm at night I will fall asleep,
when I know you are healthy and happy.

Go to life, son, with pride
I wish you luck everywhere
to meet difficulties with joy
to be a real person.

Be a man worthy of life
so the bad on your way you will gasp
to know it will someday
family and family to keep.

I kiss you by air
it's my love for you is a sign
back with a smile I turn around
I already grew my sweetheart.

I love you! Do not forget Mom
with love and tenderness I took a bouquet
and know that with my love great
to you I am now!

Poetry by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-12-06 at 18:26

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