The story of one girl who lost her child, when she were eighteen years old by Ann Wood

The story of one girl who loss her child, when she were eighteen years old! In 1993, one young girl called Angel was eighteen and pregnant with her first child. She was live in small town near the ocean. One day she and her boyfriend weres out for long drive by the sea sid, when starting a big storm. It was begining of November and they was going to the nearest city for some shopping and on their way back, take this long drive by sea side. The storm get them unready for it, and they lost the way back home. It was very heavy rain and wind, her boy friend lost control on the car and they start spining around until stop on front of big old tree. Angel start to screaming for help and crying for her baby. She were sevent month pregnant at that time. Thankfully, a big van driver passed the place where the crash was and called for an ambulance and help. Angel's boy friend Stephan was very bad injured and with risk for his life. They both were taken to the nearest hispital for medical assistance and Angel to check up on how the baby is. Baby were born two months early and very premature. Stephan was in coma for a week fighting for his life. The baby condition was not good too, doctors and nurses was fight for his life for a week. Yes it was a baby boy named after his daddy Stevy. Stevy die a week after were born on 12th of November 1993 at 7.30pm the time he were born week ago. Thirty minutes late, Stephan came out of coming to find out that they lost their first child. That news kill him and half hour later he die of heart attack age eighteen years old. Poor Angel lost on one day, first her son and then her boy friend. She were in shock and very depressing of the lost of them.
Angel was alone Stephan perants was die five years ago on the same day they have the car crash, also in car crash. Angel did not contact her perants for a few months since she found out she is pregnant. Friends help her with the funeral and everything. After the funeral, she stays in Stephan's house for few months, and she goes back to her home city. Stephan perantsdids not have other children and was the only child in their families, making Angel the only heritor of Stephan's house and villige home. She sold them and give the money for the orphan organization looking after orphan kids loosing theirs perants in car crashes. That is the story of the young girl who lost her only child.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2018-12-21 at 05:10

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