Day out in Windsor with my mom by Ann Wood

Day out in Windsor with my mom. It was Monday lunch time and my mom back from work. She come to my room and ask me am I want to go for the afternoon to Windsor for walk around the town and have early supper there. I say yes why not it is nice weather outside lets go. She says ok get ready and after lunch we will go. I dress up and help her to make the table for our lunch. She was cook liver and kidney stew and I make salad. After we eat our lunch I clean the table and wash the dishes. Around 1325hrs we left the house and get in the car. Windsor is not far where my mom live about 15 minutes by car. We go there and looking around to park our car. It was a busy day and we finally found were to park our car and strt walking into the Windsor castle and town center. The town was full with visitors and people back from work. We mke some pictures and walk around. Then we go to the Windsor Royal shopping center and looking around the shops. I watching the trains passing near by and how small group of kids was playing at the play grownd near by. Around 1530hrs we start walking back to the main street and stop in the Chinese restaurant, where we have our early supper. There was a buffet, with so many different dishes and soups. We have some soup and then some food from the buffet. We eat and have some chat with my mom, how was her day at work and what I did at home. When we finished our supper we pay and go fo some more walk and then to our car. When we get at home I get change into something more comfortable and put a movie on my laptop, when my uncle Tony come to visit us. We have cup of tea and cake and talk about our plans about Easter. When he go I go back to my room and start a movie. It was a nice story how people get to live in tiny houses and mobile homes. That was my day out with mom we were have such a lovely time together. It is late I am going to bed now my friends nite nite everyone.

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-04-16 at 10:53

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