Inspired by a line in the song "June" by Florence + The Machine, I've tried to explore this concept.


When love became an act of defiance

Every face I saw
were fractured lines of burden and mere survival

All the eyes around me
dusty hues of apathy and careless pain

Smiles were no longer
about sharing happiness and joy

Words gleamed as neon bright
distractions from desperate and painful actions

And I reached out my hand
fumbling through the cold fingered hates

Reaching for warmth

and found

Poetry by SecretWords The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-04-17 at 02:29

Tags Love  Rebellion  Apathy 

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"fractured lines of burden and mere survival"

"dusty hues of apathy and careless pain"

"fumbling through the cold fingered hates"

---these lines, despite or perhaps because of the bleak mood, give off poetic electricity

Thank you so much for posting this poem.

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