This is about the concept of God being more like a woman, certainly when seen from the perspective of a man.

One line in this is essentially an obvious allusion to the writings of the Baha'i Faith, and is thus not really mine. It's a little bit like ta

She God

Call Him “She”
The books were written without gender
His is Hers
She made you like a mother
Bowing to a man denotes rank
To a woman you pledge service and devotion
That’s what God wants from you
Rank implies that She’s written on the same page
Rank doesn’t cover it
She’s not there to make you feel inadequate or threatened
She’s there because She is
And you are there to know Her and to worship Her
She is inside you, irrevocable, and yet you can never be like Her;
She knows you better than you know yourself;
She cares for you even when your back is turned;
She forgives you what you frankly don’t deserve;
She’s there when it matters most;
She gets blamed for the excesses you inflict upon yourself;

Poetry by The Angel in the Green Beret
Read 1526 times
Written on 2009-06-08 at 05:40

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Coneja Linda
I love your topic. Of course gender is a completely human attribute, that as humans we assign to God is not human and thus beyond such worldly material distinctions. At any rate... Love it.

Really enjoyed this truth, and the title was a joy.

Smiling at you

A She

Called Tai

chuma okafor
Very interesting and your text of course raises pertinent issues that on closer examination God is...we as spirit being carry simultaneously the passive and the active,i like the projected relevance of womanhood x rayed in this one!