This is a reverie, consoling myself about the degree to which an intense and expansive heart is sort of always going to cause one or another trouble... at least inside, even if we do know to do the best things with it in our lives.

It's from October 20

Love The Fire

Taste the sunrise,
With your eyes wide,
All you see,
Earth awaken, spirit be!
Flight of love and redden skies,
This is tomorrow, face the light and kiss the day,
My truth exists in the breeze,
It can’t be caught, and no one will ever know,
The colours I gave it,
And you can try, and I will smile,
When you touch one of my softly sparkling crystals,
Another is always just out of reach,
And you can run, and I will fly,
Chasing my dreams , the pearls of my thoughts,
Drifting in the air, as the word you cannot find,
Search for me deep within your box of sweetest memories,
And touch me at the grey between the night and the day,
Take shelter under my wings and I will comfort you,
I am red, I am burning, I’m bearing hurt and grief,
The sun’s heart is unbearable to man.
And sunrise is a great fury,
But were it not for sunrise, how would there be light?
And without the light where the trees?
Without the night, who would know the day?
With no day, no sunrise, no memory of your angel’s eyes,
There’d be no breeze to carry my dreams,
Nothing to touch,
No crystal pearls,
Only darkness,
Only lies,
Love the fire.

Poetry by The Angel in the Green Beret
Read 753 times
Written on 2009-06-08 at 05:34

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The title is high romance, and the poem, was no dissappointment.

An intense and beautiful experience to read.

Just my cup of tea

Smiling at you