This is from August 2001, a time of transition, in several practical and emotional ways at the same time, it is when I left home, and when I finally broke a connection that had been killing me. It is when I decided that though I felt worthless I should ke

The Celestial Playwrite

Would it seem, Could I say, Will you let me be?
Bound to places thoughts and dreams
And all the time I wondered,
Where do shadows end?
If I were there , I should allay, the fears that you see,
Sound and safe and cosy warm
I’ll hold you well protected,
Away your mind to send.
To the spot where swathed in mercy’s salve,
The storyteller writes,
Our histories, our loves our tears
Our disbelief he overhears
Our faithlessness he knows
His nature we have misconceived
But love is all He shows.

Poetry by The Angel in the Green Beret
Read 770 times
Written on 2009-06-08 at 05:29

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