Sometimes when you feel like you're living in the spiral of gloom.. A torrent of despair and endless emptiness.. Even though things may look good from the outside, it's a battle within that you fight every day and every night...

This one is for all t


I let my ground shake, and my grit starve
As I lunch in with my slayer, and dine with the dark
Hopelessly dreaming up my happiness without bleaking
And wash off all my sorrow, for this soul is now reeking

It has been 6 years, since the rivers converged
To form a path for the boat of my life, now submerged
With all the years added to my repertoire,
I still don't bag the job of being happy

And remain depressed in my cage of ingratitude

Poetry by Jalaj Soni
Read 506 times
Written on 2019-04-17 at 20:48

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