The girl and parrot by unknowing autor traaslate by Ann Wood

A dude had a parrot that he was very cursed. One day a dude met a girl and invited her to come to see him ... uh ... drink tea. He went to the parrot, tied a blue stripe to his right leg and a red to the left and instructed him:
"Look, bastard, do not you dare say any dirt to the girl that I'll get you a feather on a feather." I want you when she pulls the blue ribbon to say good things about me, and when she pulls the red - for her! Am I clear?
- You're clear!
A few hours later the girl came into the living room and saw the chicken
- Awoo, drink! You guys and guys?
"Yeah, if you pull those tapes and talk!"
"Malie, let her pull the crunch!"
And the parrot started immediately:
"You, young lady, are the most beautiful thing in this world! Your eyes are incredibly warm and beautiful, and this smile, oh, as if Leonardo had painted her with her brush!
- Mother! Tuy drank hard enough to pull the blue ...
"And my owner, oh, he is such a good man. Everyone in the block greets and loves him. It is organized, beautiful, with such a hot heart. He loves once, never forgets!
- And then he drank it! How did you get up if you pulled up and two?
- She fell on me, to be your mother, a villain dumb!

Short story by Ann Wood The PoetBay support member heart!
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Written on 2019-05-03 at 14:22

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